the florists at Landmark Flowers have the perfect sentiment for a birthday or anniversary! We specialize in helping you create cherished memories with unique floral arrangements that you won’t find in any other flower shops in Kelowna.

As you peruse through our selection of flower arrangements, you’ll find a diverse and stunning selection. When it comes to flowers in Kelowna, we offer the most unique bouquets around.

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Along with that, Landmark Flowers is a eco-friendly flower shop. We strive to use every material as best as we can so that nothing goes to waste. This is just one way we can help make a birthday or anniversary. Since we implement up-cycling and repurposing strategies, we deliver containers that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Our style is rustic and elegant, and achieve this by creating beautiful floral arrangements and placing them in unique containers. There’s no better way to wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary than with a fresh, fragrant, fanciful floral arrangement placed inside a unique container.

The Landmark Flowers team is available to help you find the perfect floral arrangement for a birthday or anniversary. We offer a large selection of affordable floral arrangements, and if you’re a loyal customer, then we encourage you to ask us about our vase exchange program!

Your search for flowers in Kelowna is almost over. Now, it’s time to pick the perfect bouquet.